自1937年起,BLUECOL蓝雀一直是自Jaguar、rover、land rover、bentley、hillman、triump、MG等车原厂初装防冻液制造商,也为大部分大型公交公司和商用车、舰队提供优质的防冻液产品。




Bluecol 5 Year Red Antifreeze & Summer Coolant is a methanol free, ethylene glycol based antifreeze and engine coolant, incorporating the latest in Organic Acid Technology (OAT). It offers winter protection down to -36°C, whilst conforming to BS6580 (1992) and VW G-12/TL-774D & VW G-12+/TL-774F. It can be left in the system as a coolant and rust inhibitor for up to a maximum of 5 years.

规格 货号 条码
1 Litre BCR001 5010373040782
2.5 Litre BCR025 5010373040799
5 Litre BCR005 5010373040805
25 Litre BCR225 5010373040812
199 Litre BCR199 5010373043608