自1937年起,BLUECOL蓝雀一直是自Jaguar、rover、land rover、bentley、hillman、triump、MG等车原厂初装防冻液制造商,也为大部分大型公交公司和商用车、舰队提供优质的防冻液产品。




Bluecol 'U' is a universal top-up antifreeze and coolant which is suitable for use in all vehicles and will mix with all colours of antifreeze already in the radiator/expansion tank.

   When Bluecol 'U' is added to the antifreeze already in the cooling system, the synthetic process and additive package enhances and revitalizes the qualities of the original fluid, providing exceptional all year round protection in all driving conditions.

规格 货号 条码
1 Litre BLU001 5010373039649
2 Litre BLU002 5010373047750